Lovely Shoji Screen Ikea

Shoji screen can be categorized as room divider which is designed of Japan accent, that’s why its name is Shoji. Shoji screen no has many functions, not only as room divider. Why do you need this kind of unique screen? It may help you a lot to create simple line or space in your room without making another new wall. If your home has kind of open room, you can use Shoji screen just to separate each room room to the other room.

First used of shoji screen is making a changing space in your bedroom. It is one of simple way to give your bedroom small private space for you to dress up. Nest level is using shoji screen as simple room divider. Open room usually will use one main open space for living room, dining room, and kitchen. Curtains even cabinet can be those room divider, but if you need simple room divider, then shoji screen is a good choice.

Great things and products for your home are available in Ikea, including shoji screen. Lovely shoji screen Ikea comes with two models based on the design. First model is elegant design with clear screen, second model is beautiful and pretty screen with natural pattern like flower, butterfly, and bamboo plants.

Using shoji screen is also very easy to move it from one spot to another spot. Surely it is more efficient than use cabinet or curtains. Cabinet may be heavy and curtains need to have correct adjustment about its rod.


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