Futuristic Detail in Luxurious House Design

As people grow and start to think what is good to their life, they start to experiment anything that now or later will be a trend. Yeah, just like scientist, some interior designer also have the same thought of how to make the house still applicable and comfortable to live in the future. Finally, they add some glorious stuff into the interior that is actually hard to find in the last design. some people call it futuristic design! fortunately, you approach the post that proudly present you some futuristic details in luxurious house!

It is the living room that first proves how futuristic the house is. It looks similar as other living rooms in the world, but you have to stare at the most precious detail on the wall! It is not that ordinary concrete brick siding with flat surface. It is the one which is assymetrical shaping geometrical shape in the living room. therefore, there is no wonder if you find the right wing is larger than the left one.

In addition, the spirit of futuristic doesn’t stop right away on the wall detail. It crawls to the ceiling with super giant black pendant with extraordinary vault idea. it lops from the ceiling to above the dining table. With perfect calculation, there is no miss match outfit that you can look in the design.

If you usually find some rectangle windows, here there is no such simple shape, but there are various shapes take place on the wall as well as the furniture! Even the shower in the bathroom is magically designed with irregular shape!

Reference: homedesignlover.com

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