Magic Colors that Not Only Can Aesthetically Improve The Home Value But Also Self-Relaxing

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Have you known that the colors can affect the individual’s psychology? Definitely yes. Carl Jung, a famous psychotherapist, says that all color hues have deep meanings and their implementation, including for homes, can potentially give positive effect to the homeowners’ psychology. From this, it’s clear that it’s important for us to consider what colors we are going to apply for home, and it’s better to choose the most favorite ones or at least those that can express our personality and style. Well, I’ll try to help you how to select the best colors for your home simply by sharing the following best ideas. Hope you’ll get inspired.

Yellow is cheerful and this color hue seems perfect for any kids’ rooms. The color can be collaborated with any other color hues, including white and black. Look at this playroom; the wall color is so stunning and so stylish in black-white collaborative.

Looks like clouds, so dramatic yet beautiful – This wall color idea also creates a concrete-effect in this bedroom. Wood furniture is a good choice for this because it adds warmth and natural look to this dark-toned room.

Make a statement simply with this gorgeous wallpaper product. The wallpaper exposes contradictive color hues, green and orange, through its floral patterns. Of course it gives textural tone to this room.

I really love the color of walls. It’s solid and high intense. Its deep pigment actually can be applied in this Scandinavian home. This is the real evidence that Scandinavian style is not about black and white, or white and light wood color only, but such color can also meet the concept. With super-deep blue color, the room is minimalist in visual.

It’s amazing: using watercolor to style up the walls. In this idea, I see the color gradation that showcases two primary color hues: white and green. It’s so subtle when those colors are met. Also, look at the texture of walls; it’s visually rough but actually it is not; the texture is just the visual effect of the watercolor.

So cool – brick in deep blue. The visual is stylish and unique. The color pigment offers an obvious contrast for any furniture in this room. The wall is also an instant way to make a direct statement that definitely can level up the home quality.

It’s great idea to add textured wall panel to such a minimalist living room. Why? It would be easy for us to prevent the boring look.

Geometrics are on trend today and they are able to improve the home performance. In this master bathroom, the wall is the big statement that visually can attract everyone’s eyes. Both colors and patterns are perfect combination that absolutely adds the value to this space.

This is another cool idea of concrete-effect wall mural. The surface of wall looks like the real concrete finish complete with concrete’s original texture and tone, but it’s shabbier and more dramatic. Black leather furniture seems perfect to furnish in this space.

Stripes white-blue wall treatment – it’s so fabulous, matching for kids’ rooms or playrooms where the kids spend their spare time for playing. Remember, colors are good to stimulate the kids’ brain. Colors are also the media to express the kids’ thoughts.

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