Creating A Magical Garden for Great Escape

Coming home then walking in a garden can relax your mind, especially if you have a bad or busy day that day. Going outside and find a crowded park is unnecessary if you have your own garden. It can really soothe your soul if you have a beautiful and serene garden that only few people or even no one in it. Creating a fairy tale themed garden at the back of your house is a great decision since you will feel like in a magical world once you enter it. Construct a dreamy garden is not a hard job after you take a look at some pictures that inspired by classic bedtime stories in this article.

Starting from the entrance, you can take idea from The Secret Garden written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. With archway and climbing ivy, you can create a beautiful access to a hidden lovely garden. You can swap the ivy with other climbing plants, such as jasmine, vine, and bougainvillea if you want to add the color. You can also make a wooden door between two huge trees like in The Twelve Dancing Princesses. You can see the example in the picture below taken from a garden door in San Francisco.

When we talk about famous bedtime story, we cannot exclude Cinderella. Tell about an unfortunate girl that becomes a slave for her stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella has a pumpkin carriage as the most exceptional item. You can also create your own pumpkin-looked cart as a unique sitting area inside your garden. The concept from The Sleeping Beauty can also be adapted for a gorgeous sitting place. You just need to put a wood bench under climbing rose formed an arched sanctuary.


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