Make Your Own Lampshade: Steps and Properties

Collecting the lampshade in every shape, size, and color is exciting. We can take the old lampshade off and replace it with a new one sometime is fun and make us feel satisfying. We have a suggestion for you who haven’t found matching lampshade yet for your lamps (especially table lamps and standing lamps). The main problem is there are just few options of ready-made lampshades that fit the lamp bases. Make your own lampshade is the only solution to make it.

The following steps and materials need to do if you want to make your own lampshade. The materials consist of painter’s tape, fabric, measuring tape, square, chalk, pressure sensitive styrene, scissors, pencil, flat and hard object like a ruler, top and bottom rings, bulldog clips, small paint brush, white craft glue, paper glue, weight for seam, thread, iron, and sewing machine.

The steps are as follows: First, make a size of your hand-made lampshade. The size is free to make, depending your need. Give extra 0,5 inch of width to create the connection among the shade sides. Second, cut the piece of pressure sensitive styrene out. This piece is used to make the exact dimensions. Third, cut the fabric out to make a cover of lampshade. Crate few additional inches for each edges. Tape the fabric down by using painter’s tape.

Fourth, determine the pattern you are going to use. Use yardstic and square to draw the bottom and left of lampshade. Fifth, be sure that the pressure sensitive styrene has sticky attached to the fabric. Peel first inches on paper that covers the sticky side then line up the left and bottom edges and stick them the lampshade paper to the fabric. Do the same action to all parts of paper until the styrene attached completely.

Sixth, lay down the rings of lampshade and make sure that your rings lay flatly to table. You can use the table’s edge to bend your rings. Seventh, attach the part of top-middle of lampshade on ring top by using bulldog clip. Eight, after the lampshade is perfectly attached on all parts of lampshade’s top, place the lampshade on tabletop and add the bottom ring to lampshade. After both bottom and top rings are attached, they have to be flushed and be tight to the lampshade paper. Ninth, add marks to determine the top and bottom of lampshade by using your pencil. Then, take off the bulldog clips from your lampshade and lay back your lampshade on table. Give marks to draw the seam line on lampshade. Flip the lampshade over and give glue on fabric within the line.

Eleventh, place another side of lampshade on top of area which has been glued the mark it with line. Put the bulldog clip at the bottom and top of that connection. Lay the weights on the seam top. Let the glue dries for 10 minutes. The rings must fit perfectly, so you can install your hand-made lampshade to your lamp base. We hope this info about how to make your own lampshade is useful for you and has inspired you to make one.

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