Marble Countertop: Offers Extra Luxury but Affordable Price

Marble countertop becomes perfect and best choice for you who are looking for a luxurious but low-cost countertop. A kitchen countertop is the main kitchen set construction where the kitchen appliances such as gas/ electric stove fixture and sink and faucet are installed. Marble is one of most recommended material for kitchen countertop because it offers huge benefits for us. The benefits are good in durability and strength, anti-scracth, stain resistant, anti-slip, long last for years, easy to maintain and to clean, low-cost installation, affordable price, and it has many options of beautiful colors.

Marble materials are available in four main colors: black, grey, white, and brown. Light colors such as light brown, light black, and light grey also become the homeowners’ favorite because these colors create warmer look, luxury, and beauty for the kitchen. Its lines add special accent for marble, so the kitchen countertop has perfect beauty.

White classic marble countertop is claimed as the top favorite for most homeowners. It does not surprise us because its surface has attracted us so much. The patterns of white classic marbles are so natural and we can’t get them in artificial countertop materials.

Marble materials also have a weakness. Acidic cooking supplies such as lemon or vinegar juices will etch the marble. They leave marks on marble surface. Even your marble countertop has been sealed, the marks will not vanish. With good maintenance, your marble countertop can always be beautiful. Longer last and functional choice.


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