Marble Interior Trends for Luxurious Home Interior Purpose

clean look and modern kitchen in white whita Italian marble floors white Italian kitchen Island kitchen counter with white marble top modern bar stools with gold toned legs pendants with brass la Mirage

Marble trend in architecture and home design is found everywhere. There are so many marbles going on today. Marble material itself is originally from Ancient Greek and it is brought by Greek sculptures and architects. Marble is durable and able to create some special sensations such as cold and visually larger effects in room. These values then become the point pluses or we may call them the ‘treasures’ survived up till these days. Well, to see more inspiring marbling trends today, I have collected ten best marble interiors probably will inspire you. Let start scrolling down.

Marble doesn’t have to be white. The darker marble still exposes much of luxury and elegance. With existed natural patterns on it, these marble tiled floors obviously show the charm. The color shade, in addition, is not only distinctive, but also visually warm. When it’s featured with modern furnishings, the marble produces a contrasting charm, making the whole interior stands out but classic.

Airy and cold; at least these ambiances I’m feeling right now when being in this bathroom. White marble clearly becomes a contrasting background for the dark wood element discovered on windows’ trims and walls’ accent lines. Chrome appliances here also embrace marble freestanding tub.

Really inspiring, a versatile living room with full richness of textural patterns and colors. The Italian marble flooring serves a royal ambiance for base. Monochrome and silver hues also magnify the whole interior. Through this idea, you’re showcasing a highest standard of personal taste, particularly in choosing the stone kind for your home.

Keep stunning with black shade, including for the home base or flooring. Black marble here powerfully gives elegant look. Its natural scratches are able to expose the beauty, so we can make them as the special accents of floors. We’ll never find such patterns in any kinds of natural stones. It’s available to fit this home ground with any material kinds, including wood and fabricated elements as implemented on furniture sets.

office lounge idea white Italian marble floors and walls black panelling yellow lighted wall lamps in modern style


An office’s lounge with functional and modern character. The interior is dominated by Italian marble with its characterful natural ‘patterns’. The dark panelings on walls are intended as the wall background for some dim-lighted modern wall lamps that effectively work producing a cozy and warm lighting effect to nearest spots.

I see that marble is the center point in this bathroom. Yes, all furnishings and appliances are awesome and ultramodern, but I’m really interested more in marble installation. Only ceilings aren’t marble, just concrete top. Marble here really performs its ‘magic’ ability in making all supporting elements (wood, for instance) much more obvious.

Coating interior with precious stones like marble means creating interior surface with a supreme product. With concealed lighting as installed inside this round mirror, the marble looks more beautifully glowing. Other modern properties also support what marble wants to highlight up.

Mirage also gives you an inspiring shoes display room like this one. The space comes up with luxurious and satisfying look. The elegance of marble on wall brings as well as magnifies all displaying shoes collections.

Marble isn’t merely luxurious and high price, but also powerful in giving a protection to dirt. This is the reason why most marble lovers use it for kitchen. Marble surface is easy to clean up and keep displaying its original color and natural pattern details.

Marble can also be minimal in look, depending on what complementary pieces are included into. This modern minimalist dining space, for example, keeps showcasing a simple setting with just black and white color shades. Only a little brass involvement found in chandelier. This marble wall really maximizes the functional and aesthetic values of each furnishing piece. Interesting!

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