Mesmerizing Cocktail Table Sets That Are Perfect for Your Living Room Space

The presence of a table in front of the sofa is as importance as other furniture. In this case, you can choose whether you want to decorate a cocktail or coffee table to place drinks or snacks.

Before 19th century, a low table located in front of sofa or couch is called a cocktail table. It is used to place drinks or books, a vase flower or other accessories. In the end of 19th century, the term of coffee table began to be used by people as the name of cocktail table did not make any sense. Yet, there is no significant difference between both tables.

Coffee or cocktail table sets can be made of different materials such as glass, metal, wood, etc. Yet, the most popular material often used is wooden material as it is durable and it can be made in various designs and finishing. Here are several pictures of mesmerizing cocktail table that you may want to see.

The first cocktail table sets are made of solid wood with the combination of marble top on it. The dark finishing of the wood gives warm outlook to the living room. Then, the table is adorned with an antique vase as the centerpiece. A beautiful rug is also placed under the table to give comfortable impression.

Then, the next cocktail table is very sophisticated as designed in an attractive shape. The leg of the table is made of wooden shaped in a modern style. Then, the top of the table is made of glass in triangle shape which is so stylish and fashionable. As the centerpiece, artwork and table lamp are recommended to be decorated. You can also put some greenery on it for fresh and natural appearance.


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