Metal Garden Bridge: Decorative and Functional Item for Home Garden

Metal garden bridge nowadays is used more as the part of garden decor. This tiny garden bridge has some descriptive names like Japanese bridge, oriental bridge, ornamental garden bridge, foot bridge, garden bridge, and landscaping bridge. This bridge has been existed since ancient ages and has been used for ages. For years, garden bridges become the access for the visitors as well as the decoration for garden.

Metal garden bridge is designed in various sizes, heights, styles, and feature additions. Its length is usually from 5 to 20 feet and 3 feet for width. Most of metal garden bridges have flat platform to step on, but some have semi-arched surface. The part of platform consists of metal planks which are arranged regularly.

The features usually added to metal garden bridge are hand-rails or side rails. The shade can be added to protect the users from the harsh sunlight or rains. Yet, most garden decor lovers prefer no-shade garden bridges more than those with shade addition. The hand-rails are designed more attractive just by adding them with ornamental and crafted texture. Like a garden bridge, these hand-rails are also created as the ornament as well as functional items for the users.

Metal garden bridge is just not for elaborate gardens, but most of them are for simply beauty for gardens. The bridge must be placed in most appropriate spot. To make it perfect, create a small stream, pond, or retrain under the bridge. The combination of both small stream and metal garden bridge surely will give a fantastic view for your garden.

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