Metallic Grasscloth Wallpaper: Nice Touch for Elegant and Vintage Interior

Do you chase to have an elegant and vintage interior at once? You might think that it is hard and seems impossible to have both in one room without doing so much effort. However, now you must trust me that you can achieve the deserved interior tone in instant style. a set of metallic grasscloth wallpaper is the most instant way to work out in the interior for elegant stylish vintage look!

I still wonder the reason why that gray color always shares unforgettable memories in the past. It is kind of serene touch to every interior. It is well displayed in a living room with metallic grasscloth wallpaper and beautiful wedding picture on it. It is nice to nerd, contemplate even hang out with family.

Another living room offers fireplace to warm the zen nuance caused by the metallic grasscloth wallpaper applied totally on the wall. With gloomy golden lighting added to the wall and the flaming red fireplace to hot the room combine one another for the most perfect atmosphere!

It is also nice to have the hallway bathed in metallc grasscloth wallpaper because it leads people to enjoy classy exhibition rather than a boring path. With target frame picture or just wall mirror attached, it is always wonderful to apply the design!

A zen living space looks wonderful to have two birds palette on the metallic grasscloth wallpaper as they liven the nuance with the chirping look. Combined to other gray metallic tone of the furniture, the vibe is not only comfortable to gather, but it is also warm to enjoy the time alone!


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