Mexican Interior Designs: A Spanish Colonial – Native American Tribes Blend Expressed Through Architecture Details

Mexican exterior design curved top wooden front door curved top front gate terra cotta tile floors white finish stucco wall Pinterest

If you love native American appeal, rustic furniture, and bold colors, probably Mexican style is the best choice to consider for your home. The style puts the eclectic look, vivid color tones, and a mix of raw rustic with wood and wrought iron as the basic materials. Mexican look combines some elements generated from the Spanish colonizers and missionaries. The native tribes’ cultures, Mexican’s old ancestors like Mayans and Aztecs, also affect the produced architecture and home design. Two different cultures finally blend now called Mexican-style architecture.

Mexican style can be obviously seen from texture and color choice. Clay, as basic element of Mexican architectures, exposed earthy brown and it’s commonly used for basic facade like walls and floors, meaning that these parts keep showcasing the original texture and tone; and rich colors are commonly perfect options for this style (if you want to give other color schemes and don’t want use clay color as the basic tone of house).

Another Mexican-style mark is rustic furniture opt. The piece of furniture is commonly a culture blend that can exactly be found in the physical design and the ornate details like handmade-crafts in this wood bench seat.

Pay attention to details – high-ceilings and large-sized windows – It’s always amazing to see such interior where we can found grand high-ceilings accented with carving details. The similar accents can also be found in other wood pieces like door frame.

One of most wanted-Mexican-style ornaments is pottery. Each piece usually has different colors, patterns, and designs; most of them are influenced by Mexico’s culture (particularly native tribes like Aztec and Maya), fauna, and flora.

Dusty pink, it looks weird for Mexican style but it’s so challenging to add this color scheme to Mexican style, definitely breaking out the common rules.

Again, bold and rich colors are the main keys of Mexican’s fabrics and most designers love to mention golden yellows, deep blues, lush greens, and vivid reds are the typical color schemes of the style. Woven texture with native prints is another favorite opt for getting closer to Mexican theme.

Beautiful! Mexican dining space furnished with wood furniture set and stylish pendants. The color choice also looks interesting; purple wall and gold yellow ceiling add an obvious contrast but not overpower each other.

The wall’s texture looks different. It’s a bit more textural in visualization, becoming a perfect backdrop for the wall art and furniture. Meanwhile, a colorful-striped loveseat of course adds another tone and becomes the most eye-catching one for sure.

warm white stucco like walls higher ceilings made of terra cotta curved top window with trim a couple of pendants bright yellow bed linen vivid pink shams


Quite true that Mexican style is closely connected with rich colors use for bold look, but if dark tones are seemingly too much for you, light or even broken white sounds perfect, too. Faux paint technique is well-recommended to create stucco look.

Brought by Spanish colonial, some characters of Spanish culture and architecture can be easily recognized in this Mexican exterior design. Curved-top front gate, stucco wall including the ‘frame’ of front door, terra cotta tile floors, and oversized burnt-clay planters are slightly similar with recent Spanish-style exteriors.

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