Mid Century Modern Vanity Upgrades Every Bathroom with Perfect Vintage Look

How is your bathroom like? Have you upgraded it? Although it is not a must, but changing its style in such period will make it fresh and comfortable. Replacing some fixtures is good if it is necessary, but only swapping the place is also great. If you are looking for gorgeous appliance, I think mid century modern vanity is the best one to invade your bathroom with style!

An open plan bathroom design is of course a brand new design that is famous recently. However, it is sinless to add it with such adorable vintage style of mid century vanity. Extended from the large wooden backsplash of the bathroom, a unique wooden vanity mounts from the wall with adorable white mounted sinks too. Thanks to the open plan to flash the interior with daring light!

In addition, to upgrade you small bathroom design, a vintage vanity is also a nice choice! Taking the one from wooden material with crystal accent makes the bathroom appears stylish with bit glamor accent. Adding various lighting designs here and there is also wonderful to juggle the small space into a unique and exciting spot!

Another vanity also takes wood as the main material with recessed white modern sinks completed with curve faucet. I like the pink flower decoration added. The framed long wall mirror above it is also wonderful to reflect your body perfectly. Placed aside the wall racks above the white corner tub, this vanity is a complete set of vintage bathroom for people with amazing art taste!

Reference: www.hgtv.com

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