Minimalist Apartment Style In Poland That Will Inspire You

Decorating what is less to look more may require your extra effort. Although it seems difficult at first, with some creativity, you can make the most of your limited space into wonderful filled area of course without making it look over crowded. There is an example of Apartment in Gdynia, Poland that has been successfully embraced contemporary design and minimalist style for the limited space.

The architects cleverly combine the color, texture, and sense of art inside the apartment which are look absolutely perfect. It is believed that to make the room look spacious, the application of neutral backdrop will give so much help. Therefore, white wall decoration is the most favorite element to install even for the narrowest room in order to achieve the illumination of bigger space. For the textural department, wooden furniture can invite natural ambiance.

Moreover, it can provide contrasting vibe since the stuffs surrounding your apartment come in artificial materials that are not made of natural source. For the living room, you can install pendant lamp that will turn your room into bright and cheerful aura. You can divide the living room with your private room with transparent glass wall that will add more light in the daytime.

As the apartment want to invite more trendy appearance, you can set a minimal black and white kitchen that will simply make the room look exclusive and practical. With some touch of golden hues, the kitchen’s apartment will look way more captivating because it can make some focal point to the certain part of your kitchen.

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