Minimalist – Timeless Décor Concept You Won’t Skip for Next Home Redecorating Project

small breakfast nook design with light pink walls wall mounted table in light pink modern black metal chairs with white cushion herringbone wood floors Pinterest

A home decorating idea with a minimalist concept seems never fade away because it’s always applicable anytime. The main concept commonly highlights more on the perfection of simple, clean lines, and uncluttered look in every detail of interiors, including all interior pieces like furniture and accessory options. Another value trying to emphasize from this décor style is effectiveness and function of all elements existed in the home. The designers, sometimes, add a bit of aesthetic value to the interiors just for the visual interest. To make you inspired, here I’ve collected ten best ideas of interior décor ideas with minimalist concept. Let’s check these out and be ready to get inspired.

Warm and inviting – maybe this small living room is adoptable for your next project. The walls are covered the wood reclaimed wallpapers that visually can attract everyone visiting this room. This wall panel is so stunning by its texture and color shades. It can also be a perfect backdrop for these Scandinavian-style furniture sets. And the walls decors really make the wall panel so rich.

Super-minimalist and clean lines – look at each section of storage space inserted in this floating media console table; they provide you more options for storing and organizing your stuffs. The door-less storage solutions here are designed as the display shelves where you can put and organize your beautiful collections in these sections. The color shades chosen the designer are also so interesting; pastels are helpful to create a calm-feel in this room.

Minimalist concept can also be applicable on the industrial style. This industrial chair is for example. Overall, the design is simpler and cleaner lines, visualizing a compact-design seat. The designer also keeps the heavy metal use and dark color scheme (or maybe I can say a concrete color shade) as the main characters of industrial concept. It’s obvious that the chair also looks bigger and heavier due to the frame.

One of the finest interior designs with a minimalist touch. The color shade applied on wall has impressed me. It’s beautiful and able to deliver sweet and calming nuance in this small breakfast nook. The table installed is also simple, matching for any small dining spaces, and the chairs are different and have made a beauty contrast in this place. Their black metal frames give a color accent to this room.

This decorating concept is called a low living décor idea. The interior façade is built from the affordable materials like clay, stones, or even bricks, but see the output. It’s so artsy, totally exposing a special finish like naturally rough surface and earthy soft shade.

So cool and minimalist. The bathroom introduces two main color shades: blue pastel and white, and they’re creating a contrast that’s visualizing clean lines and bright look. I also find natural elements like natural wood (well applied in the bathroom vanity’s station) and black stone-like sinks. These elements, of course, add natural touch to this modern bathroom.

Maybe I call this decor idea as the down-to-earth one because it’s so simple, perfectly warm, and inviting. The space is merely furnished with lots of natural furniture sets. Floors and walls offer different look where I name this a beautiful contrast. Of course, the walls and the floors have different character brought by the texture and color shade of each material. The brass finish on the wall sconces adds more luxury to this interior space.

So calming and relaxing when I’m imaging myself in such a beautiful place. I love the concept of interior garden; it offers a mini natural sight for the homeowners. The greenery growing up in this garden always offers more benefits for homeowners’ health & psychology, so it indirectly can elevate the quality of life.

The wall treatment is called a color blocking in which there are two or more color shades applied together in one frame of wall panel. The visual is more interesting than the regular painting technique. I personally want to say that the color blocking can make the walls modern and fresh.

Mute yet comfy and beautiful. This is what I see about this bedroom. The colors used in this bedroom are pastels that obviously bring calm and relaxed feel, really matching for those requiring a private space for escaping from crazy daily activities.

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