Minimalistic Approach to Bedroom Design

brick walls bedroom

After a long day of work, all we want to do is throw ourselves on our beds and rest or, more likely, reflect on our issues. Since this is a moment of tranquility, the environment must be clutter free.

But how do you make your resting place a hub for a quiet moment? You can get there by decluttering your space?

We argue that that the answer is, “yes.” A clean, minimal space might not take all your worries away but it certainly won’t add to that buzz we feel after busy days.

What’s it all about?

Minimalism is all about living with what is needed at the moment.

It’s about self-control. Keeping up with the Trumps, Kardashians and other celebrities is not one of its precepts. On a similar note, this practice is not about being stingy or sticking with cheaper things. No, it’s about careful space “editing” to remain with a few things that are more valuable.

minimal bedroom mattress

Minimalism borrows some ideals from frugality-avoiding principles and keeping the environment clutter-free. By wishing to incorporate minimalistic ideas in your bedroom, it could be said that your living room is already decluttered.

Minimalist bedroom design does involve the use modern techniques or items but in moderation. The furniture can be made of metal, plastic and wood or a combination of materials that improve the overall look of the bedroom. It goes beyond choosing a good mattress topper or pad. It’s about serenity.

Want to adopt a modern minimalistic bedroom design in your very own bedroom?

Here are some easy steps to follow:

Pick a single item that stands out and let it do just that

The color of your bedroom should be in sync with most of the furniture and other items. However, to drive up the aesthetics, you can pick a single item to contrast the color scheme and let it radiate its magic. Some of the items you can choose for this design includes a red suspension lamp (or any color that you like), an area rug, an eye catching chair (maybe turquoise)…sky is the limit, do not be afraid of color.

bold red accent chair

Remember, the point is to keep all other items neutral and give only one item the center stage.

Use furnishings with pure and simple lines

You need to take plenty of time choosing your furnishings to get to that serene “feel” minimalism is going for.

Look at the entire room and make sure whatever you pick contributes to the austere beauty of the room without demanding individual attention. For instance, you can keep just two colorful pillows lying on a well spread bead instead of three or more. The bed sheets and floor rugs should be soft textured to make the room feel mellow and welcoming

The fireplace, closet, table and other items should all harmonize with neutral color of the room-except the one item that’s supposed to stand out (explained by the first point above).

Give your things plenty of breathing space 

Every item from the bed, chairs to the fireplace should have some breathing space. Even the walls themselves need to be free from hanging chats or baseball bats. You should be able to walk around without hitting anything.

two turouise pillow on bed

It’s not always about stone and glass

Minimalism is much about what you can take out not add in, right?

So, your bedroom doesn’t need to have those costly glasses and stone to get that classic serene look you want. That would be going out of the minimalistic theme. Your walls could be made of well-furnished wood, or exposed bricks and some other cheap antiques. Just make sure the room doesn’t take a boring look.

brick walls bedroom

Tips for choosing a good mattress

Bed frame

For most people, the bed is the biggest structure in their bedrooms. Therefore, the frame one chooses will set the tone of the whole room. Traditional beds are large, heavy and refined with some aesthetics that go against the goals of minimalism. Platform and several other low profile bed frames are preferable.

low profile frame mattress

Metal frame beds are also a better alternative for those who change locations frequently. They are a good grab if you want a change of taste as well. Most of these beds combine metal frame and box springs and hence, can withstand punishment from various motions and still stay intact.

Regarding mattresses, there are usually several options available; the decent model, the business model, the good model and the luxury super model. For minimalists, the good and decent models can suffice. Luxury models are costly and go against minimalism precepts.

Generally, anything around ten inches in thickness can provide adequate comfort and keep you relaxed till dawn comes.

Forget the perfect smiling people in magazine pictures

If you look at magazines pictures and think, “I want that…”, well, you’re not the only one. But be aware that those pictures are taken by professionals and are not realistic. Even the images in this article belong to that category.

A mattress on the floor and a branch hanging from the ceiling is minimalism in theory. In practice, it’s about finding your sweet spot.

If you do decide to transform your bedroom and you’re not satisfied with the results, the first thing to do is stop comparing your space to those magazine images.

Take your time

If you are laying there and can’t fall asleep thinking about that luxury mattress you saw at your friends place, take a deep breath and give it time.

More often than not, the things you did with your space will grow on you and you’ll be happy you didn’t throw away that rustic chair.




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