Mirrored Wall Shelf, A Smart Way to Add Your Home Interior Value

There is always a new way to beautify and optimize a room in just instant. Adding a mirrored wall shelf, for instance, sounds great to add elegance and luxury to your home interior. Such decorative wall-shelf absolutely will add sparkle and shine to any wall systems. It will also be a perfect item to another mirrored furniture you may have in your house. It can be displayed individually or dependently (It depends on your need).

Most of mirrored wall shelf sets are contemporary pieces featuring the stepped mirrored layers. They are made of glass as the primary material. The shelf is well-recommended to any rooms, but living room, bathroom, bedroom, foyer, hallway, and dining room are most recommended. Based on item specifications, mirrored wall shelf is visible from all sides since the whole bodies are covered by glass. They are easy-installed. Wall-fitting and step-by-step instructions are included. And the most interesting is they are tested to support up to 10 kg weight. That’s so amazing, right?

Use mirrored wall shelf for putting and organizing the decorative items, vases, frame picture, and even your favorite books. it looks more stunning after being added with lighting behind the shelf. The light coming will make it more sparkling. Such idea obviously creates a romantic and luxurious nuance as well.

Well, to give you more descriptions of mirrored wall shelf, here are some designs you may select in our gallery. The designs are taken from different sources, so they will vary, especially on model and size. We hope you will get inspired after visiting our gallery.

Reference: www.apartmenttherapy.com

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