Get Unique Home Decors by Mix & Match These Chinese Home Decorations to Your Lovely Home

asian inspired bedroom design flower wallpaper in soft tone minimalist bed frame with headboard built in wooden storage Kathleen Walsh Interiors

Chinese people are so popular with their habit of keeping & performing their culture wherever they are. The culture is usually implemented in many aspects, including the architecture. I personally has huge interest of incorporating the Chinese culture in home design, especially home interior, ornament, and furniture. They can be easily added to any interior designs and surely will produce the incredible results as what we’re expecting.

In this opportunity, I would like to show and to describe a bit about the Chinese home decorations that probably will be your inspirations. Grab your chance with these ideas and discover what idea that fits your personal taste and need.

Hand-painted wallpaper softly contrasts with this minimalist bed frame and storage. The wallpaper is specially designed with Asian influence, particularly the motifs.

Antique Chinese door panel exposes adorable handcraft that’s full of aesthetic value. Attractively, it’s purposely used as the bathtub’s background, not as a functional item.

Chinese influence beautifies the space. Red Chinese door and big lantern are the obvious items displaying the particular type of China style, and both blend perfectly with black modern facade and fixtures.

Please notice the tiles on floors. They’re colorful and accented by pictures of typical fish from China, Koi. It’s clear that the designer emphasizes these fortune fishes as the direct interest in this bathroom. Interesting!

Many people get charm with Asian-inspired theme for their home decorating idea. Chinese decorative pieces, for examples, are closely related to particular colors such as red and gold, but in this idea, the homeowner bravely feature some China-styled pieces with cool & muted blue. Blue (on wall) symbolizes immortality and renewal. The same blue is also well-recognized on porcelain ware and Chinese stools.

Get Asian chic by including some typical Chinese items. In this family room, we’ve found some Chinese-inspired touches such as bamboo window blinds, floral hand paintings, and even some furnishing pieces that expose China’s culture & art. We also find China influence by texture and use of natural material.

Make your wall art as the main focus. This Asian-inspired print is just the example. With such wall decor, you can transform your living room into more artistic & valuable one.

This screen is so impressing. It obviously describes the Chinese artwork, especially the handcrafts and architectural items. Most people in the world must know that such screen originally comes from China.

Add some antique elements from China – It is another way to create Asian-themed living room. The elements must be totally fantastic for the room. We can focus on Chinese ‘table’ or a pair of low-lighted lanterns as the room’s focal point.

Casual and chic – a combination of traditional China artworks and distinctive seaside color schemes. Want to try this idea for your living room? It must be so awesome.

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