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Gorgeous And Playful Loft Bedroom Design With Red Sheet On White Bed With Scrolled Rocking Chair And Skylight
Spacious White Loft Bedroom With Gray Bedding And Beige Panel Wall And White Siding And Bench
Elegant Classic White Loft Bedroom Idea With Purple Sheet On White Bedding With White Wooden Ceiling And Chandelier
Luxurious Loft Bedroom Design With Skylight And Glass Window And Creamy Bedding And Long Chaise And Corner Desk
Adorable Zen Loft Bedroom Idea With Natural Wooden Ceiling And Floor And Purple Bedding Idea And Triangle Storage Shape
Modern Loft Bedroom Idea With Brown Black Bedding Decoration Beneath Sloping Concreet Ceiling With Skylight
Awesome Industrial Loft Bedroom Idea With Large Glass Window With Wooden Ceiling And Gray Bedding And Whote Floor And White Storage
Stunning White Loft Bedroom Idea With Simple White Bedding With Green Patterned Area Rug And Exposed Wooden Ceiling Beam And Skylight
Classy And Stylish Black And White Loft Bedroom Design With Black Bedding And Black Area Rug And Skylight
Stunning Creamy And Yellowish Loft Bedroom Idea With Skylight And White Bedding And Long Console And Wardrobe

Are you looking the most perfect space to site your bedroom? Have you tried to set it in the attic? If you ahven’t tried it yet, you must try it now! I promise that it is worth to give so much effort, and of course it is helpful to gain benefit through space saving or even reclaiming. For your inspiration, you can look at some modern attic bedroom designs below! Enjoy!

The very first attic bedroom design is the one with tropical sensation from the door to the end. Large skylight is truly helpful to share natural light inside, so the room belongs to the sustainable one. With artistic triangle shelves behind the purple bed, this room amazes every person with cool outlook.

Further, it is a large white modern attic bedroom that becomes the topstar of the show. With its white wooden ceiling and white floor, the nuance is just bright and livable. With large glass window on the end of the room, nothing to worry about being dark! Awesome!

If you love black and white combination, a good attic bedroom perfectly blends the two neutral colors into wonderful tone in the footage. The skylight gives so much light to brighten the room with energy efficient solution.

In addition, bringing a long chaise into the attic bedroom will be a good way to have a comfortable living. Together with skylight and a luxurious bedding, they form such fascinating outlook and atmosphere to lay and even relax.

If I were you, I’ll take one of those designs because they are worth to have!


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