Modern Bath for Different Experience in Your House

Do you want to experience different feeling while in your bathe? Yeah, for daily activities, sometimes it makes you bored to always do the same thing in the same place. Maybe, this is the reason why you often enjoy the breakfast in the living room rather than in the breakfast nook. It is simply chasing new nuance and new experience. However, you cannot move to any other places in your house to take a bath. Therefore, there is no excuse but to upgrade the bathroom with the modern one!

Starting new decoration in white color will never reduce the exotic look of your bathroom. Instead, it brings awesome tone into the bathroom with modern detail added here and there. The red wooden floating vanity defines how luxurious the bathroom with walk in shower and glass door. Indoor plant and tile flooring are working together to give natural feeling inside the room!

Another idea lets you to have a bathroom with beige wooden panel board on the wall. There are also some wall units added to give both pattern and texture. I like how the open plan really gives particular chance to the occupant to experience showering with accessible indoor to outdoor.

There is even a modern bathroom with a bathtub stacked beneath a glass wall that directly capture the outdoor view. There is no wonder if the nuance is just so natural with green effect captured from the window. The waiting chair is nothing but the luxurious plaid white design with towel hook!


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