Modern Loft Designs You Need to Adopt for A Practical, Space-Efficient, and Stylish Living Space

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Loft design seems to be a new trend in modern home design and architecture. It offers a practical, functional, and space-efficient in maximizing the small space. This new trend becomes a perfect choice for modern people to support their lifestyle. Loft here is just a space designed to cover up all rooms’ function. Loft is often described as the sleeping area on top and other functional rooms like kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom in the bottom; and there is a ladder or staircase that connects the top and the bottom areas. Here, we’ve collected and shared ten cool loft designs that probably will inspire you. Let’s check them out.

Black and gray help creating a cold nuance but the natural wood color balances it well and gives warmth in visual. This loft design is unique because it applies sustainable materials like woods for natural vibe. The greenery addition also plays a significant role in giving a refreshing look and nuance.

I see uniqueness in this loft design. The high-slanted roof with a huge glass window in the center reminds us about the gothic style but the interior façade is dominated by the materials commonly found in the industrial-style constructions. Let’s check out the interior pieces. The homeowner seems to want infuse a little modern touch by inserting a modern black sofa to this loft space, and the area rug is so beautiful. It exposes multi-color and pattern that visually makes the space more textural.

Very simple, clean, uncluttered, and homey. This small loft space is specifically designed for a small-party like a new married couple who need special living space for sweet honeymoon and romantic life. The space simply consists of a kitchen plus its eat-in kitchen and sleeping area. The natural wood, as the basic material of the loft, always brings natural warmth and coziness to this small living space.

What an authentic design! This loft space obviously showcases the authentic industrial style through the elements used in this home. The red bricks, concrete finishes, and heavy metals fill this space, but they’re executed in modern finish.

Clean, bright, and minimalist. I really love this loft design. All components, starting from the materials to physical design express modernity, but the designer perfectly uses raw concrete for the ceilings and pillars. The concrete finish here is the industrial touch intentionally inserted for giving more physical texture and roughness.

May be this is a loft space in the modern cabin in which we can get the natural wood as the main material. The metal ladder here also completes the space for an easy access that connects the bottom and the top floor. What a practical!

This is another recommended loft design built in limited space. The space just consists of a sleeping area on top and a small sitting area in the bottom. It must be fun to have enjoyable morning with a cup of hot coffee in such a wonderful spot.

This is the bigger one and offers us more space for other functional rooms. Dominated in white and accentuated with black, this space is clean look and bright with a contrasting black highlight. Awesome.

I really love this wood color. It’s naturally darker and more pigmented, making the space looks contradictive with whites. Look at the pointed wood beam on ceilings, it’s stated!

This contemporary loft design visualizes clean lines and modern. The space has natural wood as the representation of sustainable material (that expresses the modern people’s lifestyle), pigmented shades in area rug, abstract painting with textural color, and Scandinavian-style chairs that exactly enrich the loft’s quality.

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