Modern Paper Towel Holder for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Decoration

If you want to have a great home decoration, you also need to pay attention to the smallest elements in your home such as a paper towel holder. Yeah, this stuff is very important to be displayed in your home so that your paper towel in your kitchen or bathroom remains well organized.

Here are several modern paper towel holders that you can decorate in your home. The first paper towel holder is presented in a turquoise scheme and made of plastic. This paper towel holder is designed for kitchen and also bathroom and you just need to put it on the top of kitchen cabinets or your bathroom vanity. The design is simple yet stylish which is suitable for your minimalist decor.

Then, another modern paper towel holder is in yellow scheme which fits well for any kitchen styles. For the installation, you can mount it on the wall under the kitchen counter. Is it simple?

Next, the modern paper towel holder made of chrome with a metal spice rack is also as modern as the other paper towel holders. It can be installed within the kitchen cabinets which make it space saving.

Alternatively, the brass accent modern paper towel holder is also a good option for you to obtain well-organized kitchen decoration. This wire mountable paper towel holder is quite affordable as you can get it by only $24.

Then, you can select a wrought iron paper towel holder from Etsy which will give a charming and contemporary effect to the kitchen decoration. The installation is easy as you just need to mount it on the wall.


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