Modern Paper Towel Holder

In your daily life, you will always use paper towel very often especially in your bathroom or kitchen. Paper towel is something that should be always clean before you use it, that’s why you need to put it in right place to keep it in hygienic condition. You also need good place to put paper towel, so you can easily take it without damaging its shape. One thing that you should have for your paper towel is paper towel holder, useful thing for your paper towel best place.

Paper towel holder comes in different shape and design. Wooden paper towel holder is identical with classic style, so if you need more modern paper towel holder, you have to choose the one with metal grey looks and simple design style. Now let’s discuss about the shape. Modern paper towel holder comes in two shapes, roll shape and box shape. Roll shape is common shape for paper towel, you can see most of kitchen uses roll paper towel holder under the kitchen cabinet.

Box shape of paper towel holder is also called as paper towel dispenser. This kind of paper towel type is very elegant and modern look, it is also more durable than the roll type. The metal grey design of paper towel dispenser will give your bathroom or kitchen futuristic look.

Public place like restaurant or hotel prefer to use this kind of paper towel holder for their loyal customer. You don’t have to worry about the installation, this paper towel holder is very easy to attach on any wall type.


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