How Wonderful is Built In Modern Shower Design?

Do you have a shower room at home? how does it look like? Do you know that probably your shower is kind of built in shower? If you really do not know how is a shower. There is fantastic shower with earth tone color concept which is called grey brown color.

This built in shower is quite small and compact. This built in shower has small rack or shelf on the wall, which it is for the place of bathroom necessity. It also has nice modern shower fixture with metal design. This built in shower seems very adorable with gold wall tiles design. The floor is also very wonderful and has small built in seat in the corner.

Imagine when you have such a narrow built in shower in your bathroom. This shower is quite tiny anyway. Even though, it has very modern shower fixture concept. The wall has nice classic tiles design with small flooring design. However, there is other built in shower which has modern design.

Why the writer calls this as modern one, because this shower has nice glass wall design and glass door concept. Inside of the shower room, there is a tiny tower rack which is built on the wall. This also uses nice small shower fixture with metal concept. The perfect lighting is shining from the ceiling with mounted lamps around the ceiling. Thus, there is also a small mounted shower fixture on the wall.


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