Molds in Attic and How to Resolve Them

An attic is the part of our house that we rarely use as the place is narrow and it is usually not well decorated. As a result, we often find molds in the attic which can be a danger for our health and it makes the attic appears dull and dirty. If it has happened to your attic, don’t need to worry because there are some solutions that you can try to get rid the molds in your attic.

Before talk about about how to deal with molds in attic, it seems better idea to know the types of the mold that grown up in your attic. The attic molds can have different colors such as white, green, black or brown. It can be located on the wooden surface of the ceiling or wall in the attic.

You need to know that the molds will grow faster in damp places with a lack of air circulation such as in the attic. Thus, it is better for you to prevent the growth of the molds by checking the air ventilation in your attic regularly.

Before get rid the mod in your attic, you have to protect yourself with a face masker and gloves in order to keep yourself from allergic because of the molds. The allergic can cause bad effects to your body health such as reduce the body immune, flue, headache, and sore throat.

Then, prepare the cleaning tools to get rid the mold. You can scrub and wash the existing mold by using water and detergent so that it looks spotless again. For further treatment, you have to clean up the attic regularly hence your attic does not full with the mold again.


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