Dazzling Avenue Montaigne Apartment Design

Traditional Paris design, combined with modern style interior, can be found in the Avenue Montaigne Apartment. Designed by Louis Henri Buhraman, the apartment offers a beautiful design from the entrance to the bathroom and it will make your mind blown. When you enter the room, you may assume that it is a hotel instead of apartment because every single thing inside is made of high-quality material. Moreover, it is located in very strategic place in Paris, in The Golden Triangle.

The best signature design is positioned in the hallway where a stained glass panel with peacock feather drawing is placed. The designer takes a full year to finish this masterpiece. As you can see it is very astounding with its detail and brilliant color. Moreover, the silk wallpaper and calm lighting next to the panel make people feel welcome every time they visit the apartment. Then, the living room and the reception room present an elegant and tranquil ambience because they have furniture with graceful design. Dominated with neutral colors, such as white, gray, and brown, the metallic color in some furniture gives classy touch.

The two bedrooms also look luxurious with different details. One room has gold color and the other has beige color as the theme. Each bedroom has beautiful chandelier and table lamps that complete the Paris elegance. The bathrooms look gorgeous as well, even though each of them has a distinctive style. You will really enjoy your bath or shower like in five-star hotel in either bathroom. In contradiction, the kitchen has a minimalist design compared with other room. All parts have white color but it contains high technology appliances, so you can cook easily.

Reference: freshome.com

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