Amazing Natural Curved House Architecture in Wisconsin

Getting inspiration for building a new house can be found everywhere and one of the best architecture ideas is here. The pictures that you see in this article show a gorgeous house that blend well with the nature surround. Thanks to Robert Oshatz, the architect, the homeowners feels satisfied with the result. It takes more than two years to build the dream house, but it still in progress because there are several parts of the house is still unfinished yet.

The material used to construct the house is mostly natural because the owners want to grow along with the trees around the house. Moreover, they insist to not obstruct the forest, so the house has curved architecture instead of just go like usual symmetrical design. The house uses lots of floor-to-ceiling windows to replace the concrete wall almost in every side. It has purpose to let the occupants having a beautiful view of a lake and green forest next to the house. To blend with the forest, Oshatz creates extended ceiling made from hemlock wood that continues from the interior to overhang exterior.

When you enter the home, a huge quartz cylinder elevator with spiral Jatoba wood staircase wrapping around it becomes the house center. With brown concrete flooring, stone wall, and wood ceiling, you will feel unite with the nature. Several white walls are added as the room divider and to display some artworks. Each room appears spacious because fewer borders are used to divide each room. For example, the kitchen and the dining room use curved partial wall to become a room separator that really gives smooth flows between rooms.


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