Navy Blue Sofa: A Promising Piece To Be Bold & Stylish for Your Dream Living Room

deep navy blue velvet sofa with wood legs deep navy blue velvet throw pillows abstract oil painting white minimalist side tables Pinterest

Really do like navy blue and want to insert it into your dream home? To help you hunt it, we gladly give you some references of best navy blue furniture, especially couches. Let’s start picking the most favorite one and just adopt it to your next redecorating project.

Simple yet bold – this makes this sofa so stunning and applicable to any designs of living rooms. Its decorative black lines that fully spread to all edges of sofa’s construction bring modern touch. Place this sofa in lighter & brighter interior to make it the most overlooked like this one.

velvet covered sofa in navy blue white throw pillows hardwood coffee table in midcentury modern style blue washed area rug wood floors


It feels chic and classic. Navy blue is visually versatile-neutral easily can attract our attention (we call it demurely focal point). With velvet covers, this sofa of course offers ultra-comfort, and absolutely gives all-kind-of-coziness you want. Throw pillows here are just the perfect complementary comfort makers you don’t want to lose.

Just forget about the design and let’s focus on the color combination. I’m personally interested in the gold tone existed in this small living room. It really helps the navy blue more shining and bolder. Yes, both colors are highly contrasting but complete each other.

It would be perfect if can combine the navy blue with any right colors. Bright yellow is just the example; they’re the big contrasts in visualization, but both are able to create a new color beauty that instantly can make the space stunned.

A loveseat with the best velvet cover. The seat provides huge comfort as well as style. The selected color and design are really perfect for a classic room statement, especially when it features such a fury pouch.

While feeling warm by wood on the floors, the designer uses a genius way to make this space modern and stylish. Not only the furniture choice, the color also becomes the main priority to expose. This velvet sofa, for example, stands in grace. Its navy blue wins all people’s hearts.

With deep-seat model, this sofa surely will give you more space for sitting down, and fortunately you can add more throws here. The base, just look at that, views no legs at all; as if the base just sticks on the floors. So unique yet modern. Isn’t it?

old look tufted navy blue velvet sofa with metal frames


Navy blue velvet sofa with old metal frames. This is really recommended for antique maniacs. The physical appearance brings us back to our grandma’s time when the home is just filled with old-look furnishing pieces. But sure this sofa is still in good performance and available for now on.

bigger tufted sofa in navy blue tufted table in navy blue


Visually bigger for such a small living room. To make it simpler and more minimalist, it’s better for you to free the space from any pieces of furnishings or accessories. This tufted sofa and table are enough.

Make an instant statement just with the deep color. This navy blue absolutely strikes the space that is dominated by white. The sofa becomes the most striking object in the space – as what is meant to be.

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