Need An Update for Your Bedroom? This Inspiring Bedroom Updates Will Inspire You

crochet throw in black white bed linen SF Girl By Bay

As you see the pics in this page, I’d like to change up my bedroom into the coziest and most peaceful one. I realize that my bedroom now needs to re-decorate, starting from the furniture to bed treatment. Also, I think I need to figure out the best alternative lighting fixture for my room. And I think I’ve just got that vibe from these inspiring bedroom designs that visually bring peaceful and cozy-feel to my bedroom. Hopefully you’ll love them, too.

I focus on the corner bedside table. This piece of table is designed in midcentury modern style, displaying a clean line and simple appearance, so it can bring a modern look to the room. The wider surface is beneficial because it can be used optimally for photography, books, and even the favorite leaning mirror.

Low-profile interior with exposed beams and oversized pendant lantern. Both are set in similar color with the bed treatment, creating a clean look, but I really love this vintage rug. It gives a textural color through its floral patterns. The wood element is also giving a big contribution to this space; it’s offering natural and warm look to this bedroom. Perfect!

A whimsical pendant with cross symbol. I’m personally interested in this creative light fixture. Based on physical design, the fixture is simple, shaped like a lantern. Gold-toned chain hang gives glamor, as much as those covering up the fixture’s frame.

Well, hard texture and original tone of organic wood are also loveable. Both are able to bring the nature back to our house, or specifically the bedroom. You can have this simply with some organic wood that’s added to your room like these heavy, hard, and raw wooden beams. Just compare them with the light wood furniture. They’re from similar root but have different final look.

Practical, functional, and space-efficient. Maximize every inch of your vacant space for something useful like this narrow book shelf. This storage solution is actually the little space under the bedside table. So creative.

Specific on this idea, I think all color hues used in this bedroom are adorable. Some are soft/ pastel and others are bold. Rust is becoming the color highlight in this space. It’s the bold one that can be the only stated tone in this room. The color amazingly does its main role, being a direct statement, without messing up the balance that’s previously existed.

For book lovers like me, I’ll be very happy if I have such a comfy black leather lounge chair. This is fluffy and textured, so it will provide ultra cozy spot to deeply sit in. Put the chair in the corner and now you just get the perfect spot to read your favorite books.

A vintage crochet throw here perfectly covers up the whole surface of Bella Notte’s bed linen, adding a focal point that beautifully exposes the special texture and contrasting color to the bed.

Compared to the left picture, the right one is simpler based on design. The lampshade looks like a crystal glass, so it can produce a dimmer & warmer light effect, really matching for bedroom.

A vintage bench with a pile of favorite books. It’s okay to move the bench away from the bed and put it near the door for a larger mobile access. This makes us easy to access any spots we want.


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