Need Bold Colored & Patterned Decor Idea? Bohemian is Your Choice

Bohemian style rooftop with worn textile accents Pinterest

Bohemian style sounds so familiar right now and many people put their interest on it as the part of the lifestyle. Bohemian is actually inspired by free-spirited lifestyle as what writers and travelers have. It firstly appears in early 19th century in France when some artists prefer moving to a low-level area to deny the bourgeois life. They then create a new culture that grows up a vagabond lifestyle – abandoning the wealth for the sake of pursuing an ideal and creative thought that would bring characterful beauty.

Today, Bohemian is relatively about combining different ways of life, philosophies, and etc into one. The combination then could produce an eclectic and unique style. From this, we could see the free spirit as the root of culture.

In home design and architecture, Bohemian is identical with these rules:

Out-of-box design plan. Bohemian maniacs think outside the box; they’re figuring out eclectic, random, and far away from well-structured/ ordered. The space of interiors are gonna be colorful, bright, patterned, yet aesthetic.

Quite true; Bohemian puts everything in pattern domination and bold color hues. Patterns of textiles commonly come from particular places like Ikat originally from Southeast Asia and Persian rugs. The color hues lean on earthy tones instead of soft pops of colors.

Patterns and bold colors are the key of Bohemian’s main character. This is the reason why you don’t need to worry to layer and mix them.

Colors and patterns of course could transform your existing furnishing pieces like couches, chairs, and tables. They can be more unique and beautiful in different way; more importantly, they can be ‘so-you’ as both color and pattern are chosen based on your personal taste.

Bohemian style rooftop with worn textile accents


Bohemian also loves the textiles that feel worn. Maybe for other styles, all pieces are intentionally new or at least don’t look dirty, old, shabby, or battered, but for Bohemian, something worn is beautiful especially the textiles.

Vintage furnishing pieces are much better than others and they’re usually hard to find in any furniture shops. The pieces can be afforded only from some local or secondhand shops. Although they’re vintage, the pieces tend to be comfortable as they are designed to meet the need of seat.

What about the layout? Uniqueness of layout is also found in this style. Most designers agree that Bohemian’s facet is about juxtaposition of new and old. This means some vintage pieces should be placed next to modern ones.

Loads of pieces, colors, and patterns are better; this is called as the true Bohemian. The space is expected to have saturated patterns and colors; inviting and cozy feel are also the main purpose of Bohemian, so the instant way to get this is by furnishing the space with plenty of furniture pieces that bring the precious value.

Bohemian embraces the handmade and natural pieces. It normally happens because most Bohemian styles are inspired by particular artists and it emphasizes the uniqueness. Handmade items are just very few items showing the uniqueness where we won’t find in other items. They could be sculptures, textiles, or just paintings.

The natural pieces could be the vivid plants or those made out of natural sources. Plotted or hang plants in rooms, of course, help you to feel homey, relaxed, and calm. More importantly, they effectively make a room feels more alive.

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