Need More Natural Vibes? Get A Lot of Treehouse or Cabin House Bedroom Inspirations From These Bedroom Designs

modern cabin style bedroom with green blue bedspread platform bed with under storage wood walls ceilings and floors skylight Pinterest

It must be fun to have a fancy bedroom and there are so many options of bedrooom designs we need to adopt based on our personal preference. Talking more about the dream bedrooms, I wanna share more about the bedroom in treehouse or cabin house. It has unique concept and of course it delivers more the natural vibe we’ve felt during spending our time in that dreamy treehouse bedroom. I’ve collected some best treehouse bedroom ideas and I’ve shared them through this page. Hopefully, these designs will inspire you.

Such a cozy floor bed can provide the ultimate comfort to you. You can always get the best view of lake and the morning fresh air through the opened glass window. A swing can be best alternative to relax with a natural lake as the background.

Get a minimalist look in your bedroom by adopting this idea. The space is supported with a huge bay window where you can enjoy the greens outside the house clearly. With such bed layout, it’s possible for you to get the best view every morning. The window also becomes the perfect access for the natural light to get in the room, so the space will always be well-lighted.

Just imagine how beautiful it is when you have such a dreamy bedroom. It’s genius to replace the conventional roof with clear glass panels. This attic bedroom offers a well-lighted space where the natural light can get in the room, giving you the best space for reading or just enjoying the view outside barely. When the night comes, these clear glass panels look like the big canvas with thousands of sparkling stars.

If you like a clean line, minimalist, and decluttered bedroom design, light wood interior seems to be one of best ideas to try out. Light wood, in visual, is clean look but still keeps the natural tone and texture. Use clear glass panels as the complementary element; the combination definitely can create a bright space. Complete the space with some essentials only used for the bedroom (like the night lamp, bed furniture, and nightstand).

It’s like a box with amazing view outside. The bay window can be best spot to visually enjoy the trees and other kinds of greens outside. This sitting area can also be the relaxing spot for reading or just enjoying your morning coffee with the loved one. Inspiring.

What an adoptable cabin-style bedroom for summer. New season means new decorating idea and a bedroom with light wood interior and clear glass dominance is a good choice to try out. It offers cozy and warm space; and surely provides a relaxing spot with natural touch.

Maybe this is the larger bedroom design I ever shared in this page. The space consists of a sleeping area furnished with a platform bed and a small sitting area supported with several floor cushions and table. I really adore the window trims obviously made from the wood. The trims are shaped in huge triangles and installed behind the clear glass panel. So artsy and modern.

rustic bedroom with unique glass window bed furniture stoned wall hardwood ceilings working desk and chair


Filled with rustic vibe, the space is built from solid wood and stone materials for the facade. The owner lets the space well lighted by inserting a glass window directly connected with the ceiling. The window is not merely a light ventilator, but it’s also a stated access to look out the beautiful view outside.

assymmetric attic bedroom idea platform bed frame with headboard and storage underneath bay window with under storage space asymmetric glass windows


This is one of summer house collections and look at the bedroom, it’s so cozy, modern, and minimalist. The most interesting thing about this space is its interior facade in which the architect has built it in asymmetric. He prefers mix shapes used as the window trims and frames. The furniture choice, in addition, is practical and clean line, also provides more storage space in decluttered way.

I really love the skylight; it’s helpful to let the natural light in the room, becoming a dramatic media to transfer ray of light into this modern cabin-style bedroom. Blue-green bedspread also helps making the space looks visually more alive.

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