Need Homey ‘Nestle’ for Next Winter? Make Sure You Check This Cozy Log Cabin’s Interiors

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What’s your plan for winter? I personally has a dream winter treatment; just stay in a homey cabin and do me-time during that chilling season. Yes indeed it sounds crazy but I’m sure that you have at least the same dream as what I just thought.

Well, to accommodate my dream, I need to do preparation what’s the best decor for my cabin. I think it’s essential to suit the decor idea with our personal style and needs. The decorating idea should meet everything that supports all we need. The shades, furnishing pieces, accessories, lighting effects, and even layouts have to be well-chosen. Keep scrolling down the page for more inspiring cabin decorating ideas; be ready to always be inspired after accessing this page. Also, make sure you’ll apply the chosen ones for your cabin. Have a nice try and see your dreamy winter’s nestle.

The chair with throw blanket becomes your welcome piece for this winter. It provides a cozy place for nestling. Feel warm and comfortable while sitting here with a cup of hot coffee in your hand.

A small corner seating area dominated by natural shades like white crisp and lighter wood color. The shades naturally offset the dark & heavy wood tone previously existed in this space. This produces a lighter and fresher look to this space. The idea directly says that hanging rattan chair, woven stools, sheepskin area rugs, and greenery play a contrast but perfectly still complete the log cabin.

Cozy-feel bedroom backgrounded with log wall and a couple of glass windows. The space has gotten a plenty of natural light freely accessing the windows – making the space feels so airy and well-lighted. The space is also completed with some supporting bedroom pieces that surely provide a mass of comfort. A pile of pillows, for instance, triggers us to keep curling the body up while reading the favorite book on bed.

So delightful! This corner seating area suits for the book maniacs. Why? This place previews the most perfect spot for enjoying the winter days while ‘exploring’ the books you love the most. There are the pieces you need: bear lamp, square-shaped log table, warm & cozy mat, woven area rug, and of course the chair with leather-woven details.

Just free yourself with doing your favorites in such place. This chaise-like seat would be perfect choice to relax. This kind of furniture also brings a modern appeal to this rustic-style room.

Let’s think how much time you’re spending in such bathroom. The space doesn’t only offer the functioning role, but also displaying elegance you can’t deserve from any bathroom designs. Carpet with some bold colored patterns makes it uniquely distinctive for such rustic-theme room.

Clean lines and modern – this is what I feel when seeing this cabin’s living room. The most unique thing is that the living room is placed in a space with obviously high vaulted. The space is complemented with an oversize glass window accented with big trims. The furniture sets are well-chosen – emphasizing modern style. The lighting performance is optimal – using some spotlight fixtures to only lit up particular spots we want to highlight.

What about the kitchen? Should it be smaller than ordinary kitchens? It should be, but I don’t want to talk about the size, design, or other common issues related to kitchen. Here I’ve spotlighted a unique installation as you see in the picture. It’s correct; it’s tree-cups. The idea is unique as well as functional; you can hang the cups on tree and decorate this space as well.

Chic screen-in porch idea for cabin. The space is well-protected from winter’s chilling air but still provides nice snowy views out there.

additional front porch idea small party seating area made of wood wood decking idea


An additional front porch idea with a small-party seating area. I can imagine what amazing me-time just by sitting alone there with a cup of hot coffee in hand and the favorite book in another hand. It feels like in heaven.

Feel the fresh air and greeny views outside just from your window. Imagine that you have amazing place like this. You’ll never regret spending your winter days in such cozy cabin.

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