Odd but Gorgeous, These Are Recommended Staircase Designs that can Make Your Guest Impressed

simple and ultra modern staircase in yellow yellow wall accent light wood floors Pinterest

Staircase is the important part of home. It’s not only the bride that connects one room to another, but also it’s the first that ‘welcome’ your guests when coming to your entryway. With this role, staircase seems to deserve well-decorated as perfect as other parts of interiors. Starting from the design to the color choice and the railing model, staircase surely will transform into a masterpiece even as a statement of room. Here are the ten best ideas of staircase that will give you a new inspiration. Let’s check them out.

ultra light wood spiral staircase without railings yellow accent chair


This spiral plywood staircase looks so dramatic and artsy. This exactly will make your guests impressive and say ‘wow’. No-railings staircase allows everyone stepping on to see around the staircase. Its ultra-light tone also contributes in creating a clean and simple look in this space. It seems perfect when you add a vividly yellow accent chair beside the staircase.

Style up your kids’ playground with such a gorgeous pink spiral staircase. Different with the previous idea, this staircase is completed with the railing system for safety, so you don’t worry about the kids when going upstair or downstair alone. Make sure that you’ve chosen the cheerful and poppy color schemes for the staircase; or even just make the same colors with the existing furniture sets.

Eye-shaped wood staircase idea for Scandinavian interior décor idea. Every details of staircase is unique. It has the upside down steps under the staircase that are actually just the decorative part.

Practical and contemporary in style. The staircase has been integrated with the small working furniture set located in right under the steps. There are also some additional steps that are used as the extra table option or the side table for the greenery. Seen from physical design, the staircase adopts the modern-industrial-style staircase combining the heavy metal on frames and natural wood on step pieces but designed in modern concept.

This is another contemporary staircase design you can try out in your contemporary home. The staircase is designed in the simplest model. With smooth-surface concrete steps and accent black line frames, each step expresses the real contemporary concept that obviously focuses on the simple, clean line, and stylish look. The railings also showcase the same value, but not the wall accent that seems a lit bit textural.

So stunning with natural wood staircase designed in ultra-modern style. I love the color combination of each step that seems so artsy and eye-catching. I may want to say that the staircase can potentially be a statement of the family room.

A masterpiece from the best wood artist. The staircase is dominated by hardwood and shaped in odd spiral, making it much more fabulous and stated. Under the staircase, you’ll find mini bookshelves without any seat. To keep the users safe, the staircase is supported with the railings and handles shaped in the same one with the staircase’s.

Spiral and located in the corner of the room, the staircase is especially designed for any corner and small spaces, recommended for small apartments or small homes.

The staircase and wall accent really stand out the space. The chosen color, vivid yellow, is overlooked yet still charming; it’s able to elevate the room’s value simply through the color.

Still about vivid yellow but I personally put my big interest in the railing model. The railing system is asymmetrical and has small holes on the panels, meaning that it gives semi-privacy to all users as well as a focal point of the staircase.

contemporary staircase with full height railings plywood steps and bookshelves behind the steps


This is so inspiring. For you guys who really love books, it is a must to have such a beautiful staircase. It’s a wonderful idea to put and to organize the books on the shelves behind the steps of staircase. With full-height railings and plywood materials, the staircase really meets the contemporary décor idea that makes simplicity, clean look, and functional as the big priorities.

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