Old Fashioned Light Bulb for Classy Industrial Interior Feeling

Not all people in the world have the same taste as yours, so it is just making sense to know that there are various designs and styles that exist. Related to interior design, the same rules happen, and you have plenty selection to have according to what kind of interior look that you expect. One that is important in interior upgrade is lighting, and you must be careful to choose the best and approriate lighting for your home. Below are some old fashioned light bulb ideas that are perfect for you dreaming of classy industrial feeling.

The first light bulb may remind you to the early invention by Edison. Yeah, it is the one shaped in the original bulb style. black base and suspension become the quirk characters of the idea, and the spring shape in the inside style is truly awesome.

However, there are several old fashioned light bulb ideas which are modified in various shapes. Not only the original round bulb idea, but there are some tube, oval, stick and many others with all the transparent shade. Again and again, the base and the suspension is all in black color.

In addition, there is even geometrical light bulb shape that may attract you with its gorgeous industrial feeling. It looks unique with all the tone displayed, and the combination of black base, transparent shade and golden shine is just wondrous.

Meanwhile, an old fashioned light bulb track may display the most amazing lighting idea with rustic black refined iron pipe! You must like it!

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