Outdoor Kitchen Layout – How to Welcome the Christmas Better

Let’s count the days before the christmas! Yeah, there are only several days left to get the best prep for christmas. Have you decorated the christmas tree? Have you cleaned up the chimney to let the Santa sliding comfortably? So many stuff should be arranged in such a way fro perfect christmas. There is another thing that is not less important to prepare. Yeah, kitchen always becomes the most interesting spot to rush in the christmas eve. What about having an outdoor kitchen layout for different memorable family and friends gathering?

Being set in the most rustic style, it never ruins your event because the nuance is just lovable to share and to enjoy the food. Small pergola above the cabinet is likely to protect the kitchen from outsider attacking the holy christmas. It is very good to have a line of some stools for more inviting layout!

In contrast to the previous outdoor kitchen, the next one steals the joy of tropical christmas eve with stunning natural wooden tone applied to the pergola. Yeah, it is the one with minimal finishing to strengthen the natural feeling beneath all the green leave becoming natural canopy to the kitchen. A set of luxurious dining table is awaiting before it, so have you invited your friends for coming?

Taking place in the higher spot from the ground is a plush for an outdoor layout kitchen. It gives the perfect angle to overlook the surrounding as well as to perform as you are on stage! In this design, stone kitchenette is the best one with wrought black iron chairs!!

Reference: www.hgtv.com

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