Outdoor Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas that You Must Know

Welcome thanksgiving 2015! Happy harvest time! Yeah, thanksgiving is a month ahead, don’t you want to make it a gorgeous moment with your family? Of course, memorable thanksgiving is kind of prize for every year, and now you have to prepare it by decorating your indoor and outdoor space. So, look at some outdoor thanksgiving decoration ideas that you must know!

The first decoration that you can try in the first time is wreath. It is simple, and you can make it yourself. Wreath would be very nice if you use fallen leave in orange color to strengthen the nuance of thanksgiving. Hanging the design before your door will welcome every family with joy!

In addition, it is true that thanksgiving is pumpkin time! No pumpkin never has been a thanksgiving, so adding some pumpkins in giant size on your front yard will make the atmosphere to be the real harvest in modern era.

Further, decorating pumpkin to be such cute character is also recommended to liven up the ambiance to be joyful day! A big pumpkin will be cute with furry tale and additional head to shape it like a bird. Isn’t it creative?

Then, don’t forget to invite your family to have dinner in your house. In this case, outdoor dining set would be the best one to show how happy you are in this harvest time.

Moreover, orange chairs beneath a white pergola is pumpkin like furniture that you must apply in this thanksgiving. It is colorful and playful that will make your even memorable!

Reference: www.bhg.com

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