Over-The-Sink Lighting Ideas

Lighting for any spots is very crucial. Lighting in any room literally can make or even break your home decoration in general. Why? Good lighting helps to accomplish two primary purposes: style and function (for any rooms, including kitchen). As one of busiest room, a kitchen need good lighting for supporting all activities done there, like cooking, preparing the ingredients, washing dishware, etc. You don’t need to sacrifice your favorite style you are going to apply in your kitchen if you select the right and proper task lighting for your kitchen.

Lighting for the kitchen sink, for instance, is probably different to other busy spots in kitchen like kitchen island and cooking area. Over-the-sink lighting idea becomes the best and most recommended one for the kitchen sink. Such lighting is able to cover the whole area of sink, so you can maximize all activities related to kitchen sink use.

We all know that the kitchen sink area may not large space. Natural light from the outside of window and primary kitchen lighting may be still seen around the sink, but they are not enough to optimize the lighting in sink and areas surround. That’s why; some series of lighting fixtures need to be installed.

Over-the-sink lighting is commonly installed under the wall kitchen cabinet system which is precisely on top of kitchen sink. We can use a recessed light fixture that then we install as the task lighting. Such recessed light fixture is a small built-in lamp with extra-illumination which will directly refers to the sink.
Over-the-sink lighting is not the only one choice of lighting for kitchen sink area. There are still two more lighting choices you may select; they are single-centered sconce, wall sconce, and bulb. A pendant lamp or decorative pendant lamp is more perfect for a kitchen island in which this spot is identical with higher ceiling.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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