Coolest Industrial Bathrooms You Can Adopt to Level Up The Home Value

minimalist industrial bathroom with black metal hardware purely white bathtub vintage tile floors smooth surface concrete walls greenery

Designing bathroom is always fun but it’s not easy. You must have a good plan of design that meets your personal preference and other aspects such as budget consideration, space availability, and home’s theme. Even if you want to take


Black-White Bathroom Inspirations You Never Want to Miss for Next Bathroom Renovation Project

ultra modern bathroom with modern industrial style glass shower partition modern white floating bathroom vanity subway tile walls with black grouts marble floors

As one of the private spaces, the bathroom needs special treatment from us. Not only the physical design, there are other aspects we need to consider if we want to make our bathroom the coziest one. The color includes those


Alternatives for ‘Rebel’ Walls

colorful quadrangle wallpaper

Wallpaper closely relates to aesthetic wall treat ideas. It’s identical with floral or classic/ vintage print options, but today there are so many options of wallpapers we can choose based on our personal taste and preferences. Today, we are going


Trick of Selecting Lighting and Texture to Create A Visual Interest in Dark Interiors

black rocky mural wallpaper modern wood bench seat with cushion and throw pillows

Today, I wanna show you how to select the best lighting and texture to create a visual interest in the dark interiors. It’s a fact that the dark shades are definitely bold in visual but it can be overlooked ad


Modern Loft Designs You Need to Adopt for A Practical, Space-Efficient, and Stylish Living Space

modern rustic loft design with rustic kitchen design

Loft design seems to be a new trend in modern home design and architecture. It offers a practical, functional, and space-efficient in maximizing the small space. This new trend becomes a perfect choice for modern people to support their lifestyle.


Coolest Workspace Furniture Inspirations with Vintage, Retro, and Mid-Century Details

cool midcentury modern working desk with angled and tapered legs and slim countertop midcentury modern chair in white

Workspace furniture is essential for supporting us when we want to bring the work to home and just finish it. Of course we have many options related to this case and one of the coolest recommendations are those with great


Fancy Small Space Transformations Offering You A New Cozy & Entertaining Spot to Relax

small minimalist home office with light wood working desk tiny white working chair with hairpin legs upper wood shelving unit gray floors

Would you not imagine owning small but fancy outdoor areas like balcony, porch, veranda, or other outdoor spot? Sometimes, outdoor areas are the good options to choose when you want to feel more relaxed and enjoyable morning instead of just


Get Minimalist Lifestyle with A Minimalist Decor Style for New Start

soft airy and minimalist dining space with natural wood dining furniture set soft toned area rug with tassels floor to ceiling draperies in white

Minimalist lifestyle is popular right now and even it can be implemented through home decorating style. Konmari Method is just one of the most inspiring ones that can be adopted to accomplish the coziest-minimalist home décor. For designing your home


Feel Fresher Simply with Green Accent in the Bathrooms

light green baseboard white walls claw foot bathtub in white x base side table

As the private space, bathrooms should be designed based on the homeowner’s personal taste & preference. There are so many ideas how to design and to decorate the bathrooms into a fancy one, and you can start from the color.


Peel & Stick Wallpaper: Instant Solution to Love Your Walls

stick wallpaper for kitchen wall

Are you looking for a stylish removable wall treat? Peel & stick wallpapers are the best choice. They’re available in various patterns, colors, and materials. They’re also safe for kids because they’re drawn with kid-safe inks. More interestingly, peel &