Steps for Easy Painting Basement Floors

Painting basement floors can increase the whole visual of the room as well as covering any surface flaws and require easy maintenance. If you choose to do the job yourself there are several particular steps to follow for a good process and result. The most important consideration is properly clean the floor prior to painting work. The following are guidelines for painting basement floors.

The first step is treating the concrete surface since it can be somehow difficult to paint. This step is very crucial to make sure that the paint can perfectly stick to it. Settling particular temperature and dry conditions are important. The proper temperature for painting is between 4.44 degrees C and 32.2 degrees C. Hotter or colder temperature is not suitable for painting job. Carefully cleaning your basement floor is the next step since concrete floor should be properly primed so the paint can stick well on it. Start by moving all furniture around the area which will be painted and then sweep the floor to get rid of dirt that will ruin your painting. Then by using a heavy brush, scrub the floor with a mixture of water and detergent to eliminate stain.

The next step of painting basement floors is using masking tape to protect baseboards and fixtures. This step will also help you finish the painting job faster. The last big step is selecting the paint. Epoxy floor paints match the best with concrete floors since they stick well to the concrete, easy to use and resistant to scrape. To quickly harden the paint, mix the epoxy floor paint with a catalyst and start your painting soon afterward. By using a brush you can cut along fixtures and baseboards. For the rest of surface area you can use a roller to paint them. Make sure to leave the surface for proper dry before applying the second layer.


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