Pastel Tone – Good Color to Paint a kitchen

What kind of color that you apply in the kitchen? Neutral tone is sometimes popular as it matches to any other colors, so it presses the remodelling budget. However, to opt the outlook, isn’t ig great to attack the design with some wonderful pastel tone? I guess, pastel tone is always soft, lovable, and also matching to many colors. For the further detail, you can look at following show!

Do you like to see bautiful combination of white and orange color in your kitchen? Yeah, you can look at how perfect the kitchen is with sweet blending between white painted wall with the orange tone aside. Lined with black cabinet, it flashes the outlook along with some wall palette added.

Fresh lemonade tone can be the next good color to paint a kitchen. It steals the nuance of tropical design, but you can apply it anywhere you want. Dull white to cream cabinetry is considered to be a good companion for this design. Thanks to the spacious room for relax navigation!

A small kitchen with yellow paint is a modern style to give fresh atmosphere in a narrow space. It takes the corner side to place the cabinet, so it is bathed with the natural light from the open plan. It is just beautiful with less effort.

Meanwhile, a fresh green kitchen idea takes strong feeling of the tropical sense in very classy and elegant look. Not only the wall, but the breakfast set is also wrapped in green package flooded with natural light from the skylight above!


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