Some Stylish Screw in Pendant Light that Will Engrose Your Taste

Pendant light is the most popular lighting idea in this modern era. Aside of its popularity, it offers you stylish look, simple design and maybe affordable price. Sometimes it replaces chandelier as the core of certain interior. As people are getting bored with big design of that old lighting style, they prefer to use pendant. To liven the outlook, some stylish screws in pendant are good to know. Area you ready to give it a look?

A black screw design showcases vintage style in fashionable look. It fits golden shade pendants with lack suspension too. With the curve style of the screw, it adds the artistic side of the pendant.

Further, an open black plate screw in pendant is a nice couple to meet bulb in every chandelier. It looks simple, but it hides luxury that you will never forget.

Another curved screw design appears in crystal shaded pendants with transparent suspension. It looks luxurious without any effort, and you have to complete your interior with this design!

A small white screw design looks contrast to wonderful big golden shade pendant. It is truly the opposite as the design is tiny to meet such big size lamp idea. however, it is just adorable to look at the combination.

Meanwhile, vault shaped screw design suits a wonderful pendant with colorful transparent shade mirroring retro style. both parts fill each other flaw perfectly, so the total outlook is wonderful and fascinating.

So, which screw in pendant that will change your lighting idea in your house?


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