Decorating the Hallway with Perfect Console Tables Design Ikea

I don’t know whether you will agree with me or not, but I just wanna say that the hallway inside your house is the one that mostly passed by the occupants even guest. So, it is just a must to decorate the hallway fullyhearted because you want to give best impression. There are so many ways to deal with the design of the hallway. Some modern lighting is the perfect solution to make it alive at night while some pictures on the wall is stunning to invite more attention during the day. However, you still need a console table design ikea that will complete all the look!

Dreaming of a simple furniture to fill the hallway, don’t worry because ikea knows you well more than anything. It is a white console table idea taking place beneath stunning gray painted wall with piture stacked on it. The combination of gray of the wall, beige of the floor, white console and pink flower is just so lovely!

Meanwhile, there is also a chance for you to have glamor hallway idea. it is a hallway decoration with mirrorred console table. A bit different from the previous idea, it provides you double drawers with big pottery underneath. With a comfortable reading chair aside it, there is nothing more comfortable but to nerd in the space!

A vintage yellow console table ikea must be such inviting design to feed your classy appetite. Made of unique metal pipe, the table appears so slim with so many joy spread. I like the golden pot decoration applied on it!


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