Pretty Pink Chandelier For Girls Room

Choosing color theme for a room is not only about color painting or color bedding for bedroom, you can also improve your idea of color theme to the lighting especially chandelier. What is the most perfect color for girls room? The answer is pink. Then how could you design the girls room with pink color? Try to decor the lighting with pretty pink chandelier for girls room. Here are some models of pink chandelier for girls room.

Pink chandelier doesn’t mean you have to get chandelier with the whole pink design on it, you can still have an option to combine pink color with other color like white. First of all, you have to choose chandelier design. Chandelier with crystal is main people choice. With luxury color of white crystal and pink color on chandelier frame will create not only beautiful chandelier, but also unique look for every girls room ceiling.

Another design for chandelier is chandelier with lamp shades. Good way to combine color for this type of chandelier is choosing one with pink color on the shades and white color on the other part. Moreover, you may have pink chandelier with unique shape and size design with pretty accessories, for example pink rose accent.

Light and color are two good things that can create recent atmosphere in a room. When you choose pink chandelier for your girls room, make sure you have checked its light result when you turn it on. See how the lights come with pink theme inside your girls room.


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