Pink Furniture in the House – the Brightness of Feminin Nuance

Many people agree that pink is associated with feminin character. It is so girly, and it becomes the reason why there lots of boys avoid to wear anything with this color. However, it is just because the stereotype that guides people to have the same thought, but actually there is no conventional pact that states pink is only for women. Therefore, to have pink color in the interior is good, and sometimes it adds cheerful and playful nuance that you cannot gain from any other tones. Let’s look at some pink furniture at a house!

Let’s start from the very adorable stuff for your kids! Yeah, it is a sweet pink desk design. the tone is just so soft that will make your kids comfortably study on it. It covers the need of table with the white top. Besides, some slots beneath play as the storage to put on the bags, some books and other stuff.

Further, enjoying the amazing tone of pink in the kitchen is also a good idea. it brightens the atmosphere right away after attacking the neutral white color with flashing bright vibrant color. Thanks to the greenery that keeps the balance inside the vibe!

In addition, pink dresser in the hallway would be a great sight to fill the lonely space. Yeah, it will greet any passer with sweet tone along with some drawers with crystal knobs. The design of bronze pottery on the top tells other thing about luxury!

Then, having a pink wooden vanity with vintage style draws you back to love retro!


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