Elegant and Playful Window Treatment for Small Windows

Window. It is a cool part of every interior that gives luxury from simplicity. At glance, window is nothing but small hole. However, it shares the warmth of natural light during the day, and of course it cuts the energy consumption. Then, how to treat a small windows? Get the answers at following show!

For a beautiful bedroom design, small window always takes the above space of the headboard. Purple bedding looks good to have simple sheer purple curtain to cover the window. I guess, lace curtain is also pretty to add the feminine character of the room.

Further, instead of only curtain, adding wooden drape is also a cool idea. It is suitable for any window shape, but the one with tall size must be the most appropriate.

Bold yellow curtain design is the best one to fill the nuance of yellow tone dining space. It does not only cover the window, but it also rises the appetite as well. I like the silky touch of the curtain very much!

To get simpler design, rolled light blue drape design shares fresh, peaceful and elegant atmosphere into a living room. The unique treatment gives you privilege outlook without wasting more space to mess.

The more modern and luxurious drape is the white sliding one. Its flexibility is number one. You can cover the window totally, and you can make it visible too. In short, your privacy is on your own hand, not the drape!

Meanwhile, the combination of Tosca silky curtain with sheer yellow lace one is also nice. It gives smooth ambiance in a room with fresh airy hub. What do you think good people?

Reference: www.housebeautiful.com

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