Ingredients of Best Potting Soil for Home Gardens

Making homemade potting soil seems so fun for you who love gardening. With best ingredients, the soil will give rich of nutrients needed by your plants, so the plants will grow healthy. Well, the following information is very useful for you who are interesting in making your own best potting soil for your home garden. What are the ingredients? Just check this out.

First ingredient of making best potting soil is the garden soil. The soil is surely very cheap and even you can get it for free. You can take amounts of soil from the back yard. Be selective in taking the soil. Do not use the soils containing pesticides or chemical fertilizer residues. Don’t also use the soils that have environmental pollutants. The best soil you can use is the farm’s topsoil. Second ingredient is compost. Compost contains billions of beneficial microbes, nutrient content, and water. You can produce compost by yourself. Third is sand. The sands support the drainage and they add the weight, so they provide physical support for plants to grow.

Fourth ingredient of producing best potting soil is sphagnum peat moss. This one is very cheap and available everywhere. Next ingredient is coir fiber. Actually coir fiber has similar role to sphagnum peat, but the coir has more nutrients than sphagnum peat moss. The coir is last longer than sphagnum peat. The coir is available in store with more expensive price.

Composted pine barks, perlites, vermiculite, limestone, and fertilizer are other ingredients you need when you want to produce homemade best potting soil. Each ingredient has different function for supporting the growth of plants. You can use your homemade potting soil for indoor or outdoor home gardens. Good maintenance is also required during growing the plants.


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