Products of Sea Urchin Lamp

Sea urchin lamp is one of wonderful table lamp references which offer some classic elements. The base, for instance, has bubbly texture and each bulb is more than remains of sea urchins. Such idea is surely unique textural interest. The top of lamp is supported with a lampshade that looks so simple, so it does not look to compete with the lamp’s base. When the lamp is turning on, the lighting effect not only provides ultimate function, but it also creates decorative effect in its own way.

Seen from its details, the lampshade is made of linen and resin for the body. Both shade and base are available in varied colors and sizes. The colors commonly used are neutral and natural schemes, so they suit any room decors and styles. But the newest products present gold, white, and silver schemes for the base. All look so interesting to apply in any rooms, especially the rooms where you are going to highlight this decorative lighting fixture.

It will also look so wonderful having another variant of sea urchin lamp. This lamp uses remains of sea urchin as the lampshade, not as the base. Larger sea urchin is needed to make such decorative and functional lamp unit. This one looks more valuable than previous one as it’s harder to make. It’s very unique, too. The remains of sea urchin not only enable for making the pieces of table lamps, but they can also be used for floor lamps materials.

If you get much interest on it, here we share some gorgeous designs of sea urchin lamp. Just visit the gallery below to see them in more details.

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