Random Finds on Instagram: Audrey Crisp Interiors with Boho-Scandi-Farmhouse Collaborative Interiors

macrame panel for window as the light filter as well as the decorative window treatment Pinterest

I just found Audrey Crisp Interiors on Instagram and all shared interiors are so amazing. They really inspire me to have the same ideas for my home. Most of the ideas expose the combination of three different home decor styles: modern Boho, Scandi, and farmhouse. What do the ideas look like? Let join with us to see more in details.

Caramel-like color scheme finished on the sofa brings warm and classic. It definitely makes adorable background for the multicolored throw pillows, and in visual the color scheme gives a naturally earth tone to the whole room. Sometimes it needs to add a little bit of visual accents simply through such rug and some mini greenery.

Monochrome is still on trend today and it seems so perfect when white acts as the background. Monochrome would be bold and stand-out in the room.

I love the stools; they’re so authentic and have character. The stools keep so stunning. With unique shape, the stools definitely be the most stated pieces in this kitchen.

Audrey Crisp Interiors also highlights this beautiful kitchen. The kitchen is dominated by white and completed with such a cool runner that visually adds Boho touch to the kitchen’s floors. It’s absolutely a bore-breaker due to its textural and layered colors & patterns.

What a cool seat design! Its hand shape introduces us to creative art and it can be a statement of room by simply being located in the right spot.

It’s always helpful to add a large pendant for both functional and aesthetic goals. Finished in brass with many holes, this pendant of course can produce the most beautiful light effect. It simply makes the whole space visually interesting in dimmed light with so many dots reflected on all parts of interiors.

Macrame panel for windows could be best alternative for ornate window piece. It offers a dramatic look; it also acts like a decorative light filter. I love its geometric patterns and flowing tassels.

Series of wall lamps finished in brass. Both design and finish create antique look. Suitable for any rooms.

Connected wool area rug with modern geometric patterns. There are two types of patterns applied on the rug; both add textural tones and accents. Its soft colors also automatically bring warm, eye-friendly, and of course Scandi vibe to this small sitting area.

I see two highlighters in this bathroom: brass finish on shower faucet and seashell-shaped tile backsplash. Both are visual attracters and they’re bold when being collaborated with whites. Elegant.

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