Special Overnight Stay with Raw Design of The Line Hotel in Koreatown, Los Angeles

A new and exclusive experience of having an overnight stay in hotel is what the Line Hotel in Koreatown, Los Angeles offers to its customers. With its raw and energizing design, this hotel is worth dropping by. Rested in Koreatown, Los Angeles, The Line Hotel innovates the idea of pleasant lodgement that brings up raw interior design. This hotel has capability to accommodate 388 rooms, three Roy Choi restaurants, as well as a boutique and a club.

The interior of the guest room, as Designer Sean Knibb clarifies, is arranged of three boxes. The designer explains that wood element is visible in entry, meanwhile he uses porcelain for bathroom as well as concrete to create simple palate. Another unique flavor can also be spotted in the layout of the furniture. The bed is designed to confront the expansive window showcasing the magnificent city view of Los Angeles with a large desk as the headboard. To add excitement, couple of colorful and refreshing decorations function to complement the raw scheme.

In the lobby, a considerable mixture of modernity and the rustic feature presents distinct experience as stepping inside the hotel. In the end, The Line Hotel design encapsulates miscellaneous features that offer special overnight for the customers.

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