Recessed Ceiling Fan for A Sleek Ceiling Look

Recessed ceiling fan actually is similar to common ceiling fans seen from design or model. Just a little difference we can find between these two types of ceiling fan. Like a recessed light fixture, a recessed ceiling fan is installed in deeper ceiling zone. Take a look and compare to common ceiling fan. It’s just hanging on regular ceiling, not a deeper part of ceiling.

A recessed ceiling fan is designed in various models. Based on the number of blades, for instance, it comes in three-blade, four-blade, and five-blade recessed ceiling fans. Next, seen from additional feature, the series of recessed ceiling fan has a lamp attached on the center of fan. The lamp varies in design. It can be a single fan mounted lamp or a mini pendant lamp installed on fan.

Recessed ceiling fan is perfect for both, indoor and outdoor uses. The fan fits to be installed for any interior spaces, such as living room, dining room, family room, bedroom, home library, and basement. For outdoor use, it becomes the best choice for freshen a home deck, patio, or balcony. And most importantly, any kinds of fan (including a recessed ceiling fan) is eco-friendly home property, so it is perfect recommended one for you who are seeking such earth-friendly home interior items.

The style of recessed ceiling fans vary, from classic/ traditional to modern one. Any style of fan you choose from can help you to create a sleek look, especially to your ceiling. Now, discover the best one on our gallery. We have shared so many variants of newest recessed ceiling fan products from different popular brands. Please, check them out.


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