Recommended Reading Nook You’ll Attempt to Keep Curling Up Your Body

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For nerds, there is nothing as dreamy as comfy reading nooks, especially those placed in a corner with a large window around. No need to mention, the window can always offer nicest view outside that exactly adds more positive vibe and good nuance for reading. Whether in bedroom or home library, the followings are ten best reading nook ideas you must access to give you more inspirations and references. These ideas, of course, will lead you to choose the right design fitting your personal taste, especially when you have a plan to make one in your home. Just keep scrolling down your cursor in this page, and start to get to know each design.

Reading Nook with Town View

Maybe it’ll be hard to stay focused in such reading corner. You’ll be easier to get the nicest ‘distraction’ instead of the pages you’re wandering. But, we have a brilliant trick for this; set the seat facing inward, so you won’t access the view – you may sneak out behind just a second if you want, especially when you need to relax and to break out.

Make your hallway more useful with such a cozy reading corner. It’s fine to involve a modern chair and floor lamp as the best pairing; complete the reading corner with a fur throw rug for the floor accent as well as for warm piece. White crisp walls and floors look the best shade option as white can effectively bring the space more airy and clean.

Lounge chair as a reading seat? Why not. This is perfect choice if you want to create a large reading corner with huge enough of space. The lounge chair could be the statement of space, even more if you add a cheerful and bright thing like this throw blanket and pillows.

Unlike previous idea, this reading nook is designed for small space where you are suggested to just add such velvet seat to the space. The idea is recommended for you who dream of a cozy place to curl up without being interrupted with bundles of books. Why velvet? Velvet gives a promising comfort as well as a modern touch.

Just a few pieces of interior items fill this space; this is idea if you just want to build a tiny-space reading corner. A modern chaise lounge and a Moroccan side table look nice to combine for such a modern-traditional style space. The chaise, particularly, could be a cozy place to nap when you’re getting tired of reading.

Go minimalist. Put away unnecessary things and keep some you need. Like this reading nook, a built-in bench seat and a tiny ceramic side table are just enough. The designer here just wants to expose the calming and refreshingly green view outside that can be accessed through the glass window. For max coziness, the bench is completed with deep blue-covered mattress and a fur throw mat. Perfect!

Add a window nook after your favorite seat. White draperies here add a dramatic accent to window and whole space around. I also personally love a package seat area consisting of textured area rug, chaise, throw pillows & blanket, and a tiny wood side table – what a perfect calm & warm tone. There is no more reason to keep away from this extra cozy reading nook.

Clean and contemporary, but full of classic details. The seat facing at the bookcase is a challenge for you to keep away your desire to quickly finish the book on your hands, then move on other saved books.

Feel cozy just with such a warm neutral-tone reading nook. This is simplest way to get an ultracozy one; a deep-seat leather chair, tiny side table, and a little ornament are more than enough. Add a modern floor lamp with small copper-tone lampshade for a bit industrial style. Nice!

Use playful colors and textures for rich visual interest. Modern patterns for wallpaper and striking red for the secondary items like this red throw blanket. These two elements are sufficiently giving the direct focal point to this modern reading nook, but overall I really like that frameless wall mirror and stylish floor lamp. So stunning!

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